Photo a Day Campaign To Help Fight Domestic Abuse

Photo a day projects are great to help document life and are popular photography projects among amateur and professionals alike. In the video below, the creators put the daily photo idea to good use by making a public awareness message in the name of domestic abuse prevention. Over the course of 90 seconds, viewers experience a slide show of a daily headshots which portrays a woman who is a victim of abuse. Even without having any dialog the clip delivers a strong message:

Fortunately, the woman in the clip above was not injured to make the video, as all the injuries were put there by a professional makeup artist.

The sign the woman is holding at the end of the video says: “Help me, I don’t know if I’ll make it til tomorrow” in Croatian.

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One response to “Photo a Day Campaign To Help Fight Domestic Abuse”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Domestic abuse is real and I hate when I read a comment like “what did she do to deserve it”. I don’t care who you are no one deserves to get beaten unless it is self defense. Women are abused all the time and some countries it’s legal for a husband to beat the life out of his wife/wives. Hopefully this will make an impact on someone.
    I was in an abusive relationship and I have real photos of myself a few days after I got beaten. I was finally able to get out because I knew staying was living on borrowed time. Any man who does this is a coward, go outside and punch a tree not a woman.

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