Nikon D4 Shutter Sequence Captured on High Speed Phantom Camera

Immediately upon unpacking their new Nikon D4, Jason Kolsch and Jayson Jordan began filming the Nikon with a high speed Phantom camera. The film takes you on a short 360 tour of the Nikon body, stopping briefly to allow you get a good look at all of its finer details. The highlight of video is when the Phantom uses its monstrous 1000 frames per second capability to capture the Nikon D4 firing off at 11 frames per second. Take the tour of the D4 here:

The Phantom high speed camera does an outstanding job capturing the Nikon D4. For the all the gearheads out there, the two used K5600 Joker 800 and two 400s to light the D4.

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2 responses to “Nikon D4 Shutter Sequence Captured on High Speed Phantom Camera”

  1. That was amazing!!! I have never seen the mirror flicking in slow motion before.

  2. Rafael says:

    Hahahaha.. The Shutter That Never Sleeps! Creepy…

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