Man Achieves Breakthrough in the Pursuit of Perfect Image Stabilization

Dave, a seasoned cameraman, has always been searching for the Holy Grail of photography—“that steady shot, that really stable picture.” When he’s not shooting, Dave is holed away in his man cave, inventing creative rigs aimed at stabilizing photographs and video footage. Dave’s football helmet DSLR clearly puts the GoPro to shame, and yet he’s never been able to attain perfect clarity in motion—until now.

In this video, Dave reveals the secret to how he forever solved the image stabilization problem of photographers and videographers everywhere… with the help of Lizzy, his pet chicken:

Scientifically, Dave is spot on. The genus name for the domesticated fowl is Gallus gallus domesticus, which is where he derived the name “Galluscam.”

What’s more, chickens really are great tripods, since they can seamlessly stabilize their heads regardless of how their bodies move, as illustrated in the full version of the Smarter Every Day video clip that inspired Dave to give Lizzy a shot—literally.

galluscam lg g2 funny chicken

It’s the most extreme camera—ever.

Officially called “Steady Feathers,” this clever LG ad for the G2 smartphone has gone viral, but it’s not the only one. Several of LG’s “So Real It’s Scary” commercials advertising its lifelike IPS monitors are also quite popular.

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3 responses to “Man Achieves Breakthrough in the Pursuit of Perfect Image Stabilization”

  1. Michael says:

    Too funny – no more camera stabilization worries or being “chicken” when shooting action shots from heights.

  2. steve says:

    Yum! fried chicken!

  3. robin says:

    hilarious, but makes perfect sense, I have chickens too, they are amazing

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