Interesting Photo of the Day: Jasper Overlooks the Canadian Rockies

There’s a reason why dogs have earned the coveted title of “Man’s Best Friend.” They’re loyal, they’re intelligent, they’re lively, and most of all, they’re downright adorable.

Jasper, a Siberian Husky/Labrador Retriever mix from Alberta encompasses everything we love about dogs. With his favorite people by his side, he’s up for even the most daunting adventures. Luckily for him, he keeps the company of photographers¬†Jon Sinclair¬†and¬†Marti Gutfreund-–meaning that every exciting moment is captured on camera:

dog looking out over landscape

“Jasper Watching the Sunrise” by Marti Gutfreund (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Among his ongoing portfolio of impressive escapades is this stunning photograph. With the peaks of the Rocky Mountains reflected in the still waters of an isolated lake in front of him, Jasper almost seems to be meditating as the soft morning light floods the valley where he and his owners have set up camp. Of course, his best buddy Marti was at the ready and managed to snag this incredible shot.

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