Dogs with Jobs: Not Your Average Pet Photography

In many rural and farm-based communities around the world, dogs are more than just man’s best friend—they’re vital members of the workforce. From herding livestock to hunting, these dogs work happily and tirelessly right alongside their owners:

Minneapolis-based photographer Andrew Fladeboe has traveled to New Zealand, the Scottish Highlands, and other locales to capture working dogs in action.

working dog in field
dog photography

He describes the working conditions—the rough terrain and long hours—that many of these dogs experience everyday:

“Through my adventures photographing dogs, I’ve learned so much about them and their importance to humanity across different cultures and demographics. One fact that stands out is how devoted the dogs are to their owners and handlers. They will do anything that is asked of them and work nonstop through any kind of weather or terrain. I remember looking at a sheepdog’s face as he looked up at his owner after a rough, 10-hour muster. It was filled with pure joy and dedication.”

herding dogs
dog portrait
dogs running on beach

Fladeboe has also photographed police dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, companion and guide dogs, and other types of working dogs — all documented in his photography series called The Shepherd’s Realm.

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