Innovations in High Speed Photography and Videography

The Marmalade is a creative effects studio specializing in high-speed tabletop videography. This one is more motion-picture based, but it was such a fascinating video, we thought that photographers would appreciate it, too:

This short documentary-style video discusses the studio’s process of innovating not only a new style of shooting, but all of the equipment necessary to make it possible. When trying to capture those things that can’t be seen by the naked eye, rigorous and repetitive testing must be done, doing shots over and over in order to get the minute details to behave the way they should. With the help of a model shop for props, a machine shop to build special rigs for shooting, and some creative digital enhancement, The Marmalade makes completely unique shoots for some of the biggest brands around the world.

high speed photography

Particularly highlighted is the machine they call Spike, a moving arm for dynamic and highly-controllable camera movement. With such a precise and demanding field as high-speed videography, much of a great shot is pure luck:

“High-speed shooting is not called ‘The Art of Coincidence’ for nothing. Takes have to be repeated many times until you finally get the magic high-speed moment you were looking for. At The Marmalade, we control that coincidence, and turn it into a controllable, plannable thing.”

The video ends in an incredible montage of their work set to music by BLUWI. The Marmalade agency is coming out with absolutely incredible work that’s never been seen before and winning commercial contracts with huge brands.

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