Festival “Slackers” Hang Hammocks High in the Italian Alps

“Slackers” from around the world came together for a day of lazing around in hammocks. But this was no ordinary hang-out session. Thrill-seeking and balance-busting attendees of the International Highline Meeting hung hammocks hundreds of feet in the air above the Italian Alps. Warning: The images to follow are not for the faint of heart:

Like any festival, attendees could grab a drink at the bar or dance to some live music. But leave it to these slackliners to make us feel impossibly uncourageous once again—tandem paragliding flights were also offered.

The slackliners are known as “slackers” clearly not for their idling personas, but for the type of line they balance on. The line is flatter and has some slack and maneuverability, opposed to the taught, rod-like nature of tightropes. Slackers are rewarded with spectacular personal strength, balance, and evidently, a “room with a view” from time to time.

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