Cell Phone Thief Unknowingly Saves Photos to the Internet

Unfortunately, things don’t always go our way. Just ask the group of tourists who, while on vacation in Ibiza, Spain, had all their possessions stolen from the beach while they were having a swim in the ocean. Passports, clothing, cellphones, gifts, nearly everything they left on the beach was taken. After lodging a complaint, they quickly realized that this sort of thing happens so frequently, that little could or would be done to help them get their belongings back. With nothing else to do, they simply moved on with their lives, feeling a little bitter by the experience. That is, until four months later when these pictures started surfacing in the original cell phone owner’s Dropbox account…

The thief enjoys taking self portraits

stranger who stole cell phone

The phone thief tries his hand perspective photography.

The cell phone’s rightful owner had installed the Dropbox app on her device and enabled the option which automatically saves new images taken with the phone to her Dropbox account, which is accessible by computer. The thief had not removed this app, nor was he keen enough to disable the automatic upload option. As he bagan documenting his life using the stolen phone, his photo stream went directly to the phone’s original owner’s computer.

dropbox cell phone picture upload

The thief thought it might be fun to take a photo of himself next this car he fancies.

Luckily for us, the cell phone owner has a wonderfully snarky sense of humor and posts the thief’s photos to a now successful Tumblr blog, adding her own commentary to each image.

Making the best of a bad situation by turning a cell phone thief into an internet meme.

While this type of sweet revenge may not substitute getting back a stolen phone, it surely makes it a bit more amusing.

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One response to “Cell Phone Thief Unknowingly Saves Photos to the Internet”

  1. Frank says:

    A better ending would be to learn that someone has identified the thief from these photos.

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