Canon Rebel Recovered After Spending 3 Years Underwater

When on a vacation in Adirondack, New York, amateur photographer, Michael Comeau’s Canon Rebel XT fell from his hand and plummeted off the bridge he was standing on, to what Comeau assumed was a certain death for the camera. He eventually came to terms with his loss and moved on. Then, three years later, Comeau was contacted by a complete stranger with some very uplifting news. The stranger, John Noerr, had found Comeau’s camera. Miraculously, Noerr was able to recover images from the Rebel’s memory card and spent three months sleuthing in an attempt to locate the camera’s owner. Take a look at the incredible story right here:

Comeau’s muddy Canon Rebel XT after having spent three years submerged in water. The NYTimes has received some of the photos that were used as clues to track down Comeau.

canon camera underwater

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One response to “Canon Rebel Recovered After Spending 3 Years Underwater”

  1. Cesar says:

    What about leaving some info in the camera to help the good samaritan?

    (sorry for the bad english)

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