Bringing Imagination to Life with Cardboard Silhouette Photography

What to do on an island all alone when you have incredibly vibrant, romantic sunsets and a child-like imagination? Why not play guitar and sing songs with Kermit the Frog? Or catch miniature, fire-breathing dragons? Or fall in love with a mermaid?

Emmy award-winning TV producer and writer John Marshall definitely has the creative imagination of a child, which he puts to good use in his photo series, “Sunset Selfies.” Using cardboard cutouts of mystical and real creatures and famous movie characters, Marshall tells whimsical tales through imagery each night as the sun goes down over his beautiful island setting:

While spending time on Maine’s Frye Island, Marshall tries to create a different silhouette photo during sunset every day. He draws each cutout by hand and stitches it together with duct tape. As he says on his Facebook page,

“The cutouts are not exactly fine art in the light of day, but give ‘em a sunset and they’re ready to spring to life!”

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