Angry Ram Attacks Drone Then Seeks Revenge on Photographer

When it comes to aerial photography, drones make it possible to capture stunning scenery without the photographer having to be in an airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon or any other expensive means to get a bird’s eye view. They’re great for shooting cityscapes and amazing landscapes, but there is a question of privacy.

Now, it’s usually people who complain about these intrusive machines, but sometimes animals want their privacy, too. This video of an angry ram being disturbed by a low-flying drone is hilarious and shocking. Watch as the drone zeros in on the ram, then moves in for the returned headbutt:

The ram, known as Rambro the Angry Ram, lives in Nelson, New Zealand. He made his YouTube and television debut about a year ago when he attacked a motorbike whose driver, Marty, captured the whole thing on video. Rambro has a reputation for being a little aggressive. In fact, that reputation has made him famous—he’s been all over the news around the world and even has his own Facebook page. (Via PetaPixel)

On the day of the drone incident, Marty was flying a quadcopter over the hills, looking for Rambro, who lives on Marty’s land. He says he got a bit too close and a gust of wind blew the drone right at Rambro, who headbutted it into a nearby bush. When Marty went to find the drone, Rambro got a little feisty, to say the least.


Rambro was not amused.

No harm done, Marty assures us. The little copter had nothing on the powerful ram.

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