Airplane Window Time-lapse from San Francisco to Paris

In this two-minute long time-lapse, photographers from Beep Show, illustrate the cross-continental flight from San Francisco, California to Paris, France. The video starts at take-off and ends on landing; however, it is noted that the beginning and ending of the video are 3D models that were rendered because of restrictions that are set in place prohibiting the use of electronic devices during these stages of flight, though there is a lot of debate over the truth of those statements ;) Regardless, this project has attracted lots of eyes with over 3 million views so far. You can see it here:

The entire sequence of photographs used to make this time-lapse video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II with a 16-35mm lens. To control exposure, the images were shot on Aperture Priority Mode (Av) which allows the 5D to automatically adjust shutter speed. The makers of the film say the ISO ranged from, “200 during the day to 6400 at night. ” A time lapse controller was employed to fire the shutter at intervals that ranged from every 2 to 30 seconds, though, those specific changes had to be set by hand each time.

To conserve battery power the picture preview mode was shut off, allowing the camera to run throughout the duration of the flight off the grip’s two batteries.

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5 responses to “Airplane Window Time-lapse from San Francisco to Paris”

  1. Matt C says:

    3D Rendered? You’re kidding?! The start and end look completely realistic :D

  2. Daniel says:

    “…though there is a lot of debate over the truth of those statements.”

    I highly doubt anyone believes the beginning and ending were 3D rendered.

  3. gonzalo jara says:

    how would you deal with the shutter sound every 2 second? i mean, its a long flight, who would like to be sitting next to you if you are taking pictures non stop all the time?

  4. davlev says:

    what kind of tripod was used?

  5. Arun says:

    Amazing time-lapse. How did the security allow the tripod on the plane? great job.

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