20 Weird Dreams Transformed into Surreal Photos

Surrealist photographer Ronen Goldman recreates his dreams through the magic of photography. For seven years, Goldman has been documenting his dreams and transforming the concepts into real life for his photo project, “The Surrealist Pillow.” First writing down his dreams so he doesn’t forget them, the Israeli artist may then spend months recreating them, but the final results are so real, believable yet baffling at the same time, and just amazingly beautiful:

Photo dreams by Ronen Goldman

Goldman fuses the real with the surreal to portray his dream images. His illusions are created using skilful camera work and intricate layering techniques in post production. All elements of the dream photo are shot on location at the same time to capture the same lighting. Goldman then uses Photoshop to layer the images together and create the artful illusions. As he told CNN,

“If the light falls on the object just the right way, if the shadows line up naturally, our brains allow us to believe the unbelievable.”

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