Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting Guide

Unlike portrait photography where you have the luxury of time, wedding day photography is fast-paced and unforgiving to beginners as there is only one chance to get it right. This new in-depth guide is designed to help wedding photographers grasp the various possibilities of on-location lighting at wedding ceremonies & receptions of various cultures.

multicultural wedding photography

Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting

Wedding photography lighting has two main goals, to provide sufficient exposure and to create depth and definition in the subjects.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (63 Pages):

  • Learn how to use multiple speedlights positioned strategically at Indian weddings, Chinese tea ceremonies and Christian weddings.
  • Discover why speedlights bring a new dimension to wedding lighting at plain-looking venues.
  • Work with the videographer’s lights instead of fighting them.
  • Harness the ballroom spotlight to your advantage.
  • Get insights into how wedding day bridal portraits are created very quickly and easily.
  • Work with lighting for indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor wedding venues confidently.
  • React quickly and effectively to unplanned changes in reception venue lighting.
  • 29 lighting diagrams to show placement of lights and other factors that affect your outcome.
pages from wedding ebook

Pages from Multicultural Wedding Photography Lighting

“The better your grasp of lighting techniques, the faster you will be able to set up quickly and in time to capture the right moments when they happen.” -Author Andy Lim

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  1. Dave Cearley says:

    According to statistics, more than 15% of marriages are multi-racial. Thanks for some great, and necessary tips.

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