How to Safely Clean a DSLR Sensor

If you’ve been too afraid of cleaning the sensor on your DSLR by yourself, fear no longer. The handy little gel stick featured in the video below will have you cleaning your gear like the pros do in just a matter of minutes. Watch the clip for a full review and instructions on how to have dust-free equipment:

Using a handy gel stick, like this one, takes out a lot of the fear involved in using a wet technique. By simply touching the end of the gel stick to your cameras sensor, the gel carefully lifts off any dust without damaging the sensor itself.


Depending on which aperture you typically shoot at, you may not realize how much dust is even on your sensor. You can take a test shot by setting your camera to it’s smallest aperture, such as f/36, and taking a photo of a bright white sky. Expose a bright image without blowing out the highlights.


Even if you rarely shoot with small apertures, it’s always a good idea to remove any dust that has accumulated on your sensor. In the video, the gel stick was also tested on a lens filter, the camera’s viewfinder, and the mirror with great success by using the side of the gel stick.

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