How to Photograph Rock Climbers

If you ask photographer Corey Rich, he’ll tell you he was a rock climber first and a photographer second. It is only natural that Rich would want to document his experiences as a rock climber, and his ability to combine his passion for the sport with photographer has paid off tenfold:

Assess Your Location

For Rich, part of the enjoyment of the challenge behind creating compelling rock climbing photographs is location scouting. He notes the importance of being able to make the most out what you are given by looking at the scene from multiple directions.

corey rich climbing photographer

Rich is all about going to extremes to get the shot.

After he selects the best perspective to shoot from, Rich pulls out either a Nikon 16-35mm f/4 for wide angle shots or a Nikon 70-200mm f/4 when he wants to get a little closer in.

rock climbing photography

Creative vantage points result in dramatic photos.

Understand the Technical Aspects of Your Camera

On top of knowing the best lens to use for each situation, Rich is adept at using both natural and artificial light and can get the lighting right in even extreme conditions. By knowing his gear and how it works, he can set up at a moment’s notice.


“The methodology that I’ve described applies to anything in the photography world.”

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