How Long Does It Take to Learn Photography?

“How long will it take?” is a common question among those interested in learning photography. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple or straight forward answer. There are many factors that come into play when learning about photography. To help break it down, consultant and professional photographer Mike Browne created this helpful tutorial to tackle this complex question:

First and foremost, you need to understand that photography is a never-ending process. Even as a professional photographer, there will ALWAYS be more things you can learn. For instance, a portrait photographer may understand the ins and outs of taking a great portrait, but when it comes to other forms of photography (such as sports or nature), it is often more theoretical than personal experience.

Photography is a combination of two things: personal creativity and technical skills. However, to truly be successful, you need to be able to not only come up with the creative ideas but also know how to implement the technical skills to bring your ideas to life. How much or how fast you learn is entirely up to you, and your progress is determined by the amount of time and effort you put into learning these skills. Whereas some individuals are able to quickly learn the technical aspects, they may falter when it comes to the creativity side (or vice versa). Remember, even the most talented photographers continuously look for ways to improve their craft.

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This small piece of pie represents how much Browne knows about photography.

A great way to push yourself is to set goals, but if you create a goal and don’t achieve it, don’t let it hold you back or cause you to give up. As long as you do everything in your power to accomplish your objective, and you learn along the way, then you have still had a beneficial experience. You can always try again. Often times to succeed you have to fail first, so as long as you’re giving it all you got, never give up on your goals.

Although many people tend to believe it, just because you have a great camera doesn’t mean you’ll end up with great shots. Amazing photography is captured by a photographer, not the camera. And like everything else, the more you practice, the more great results you’ll get.

So, how long it will take for you to learn photography? The answer is simple: however long you want it to take. Because in the end, the time frame is all up to you.

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