Hidden New Features of Photoshop CC 2014

Whenever Photoshop puts out a new edition we are always eager to check out the exciting new features. Beyond the major updates, there are always a few hidden gems thrown in for us to discover. Julieanne Kost shows us some new features of Photoshop CC 2014 that will make using the program more convenient and enjoyable:

Color Palette

It has been redesigned! The color panel now presents a more convenient way to select colors, without having to click back and forth between foreground/background color swatches.

After pulling out the color panel from the dock, drag the corners to make the color box as large as you want.

photoshop cc hidden gem features

Color Palette

There’s a new Hue Cube and Brightness Cube which can show RGB or any other spectrum.

Brush Presets

Expand the Brush panel to reveal the presets and show the last 7 brushes used. Every time a brush is used in the image area, Photoshop automatically adds it to the recently used brushes.

A preset brush has an orange highlight around the brush. When any changes are made to the brush—for example hue, saturation or brightness—the highlight color changes.

Swatches Panel

The swatches panel now shows all recently used colors. Every time a color is selected, it will appear first in the swatches, saving you time when searching for previously used colors.

photoshop cc hidden gem features

Swatches Panel

Sync Settings

The sync settings have been simplified. They are accessed by clicking: Photoshop > Preferences > Sync Settings

An upload/download option has been added, so you can download all of your custom settings wherever you are.

Under the advanced options there are presets for choosing what you want to sync. For example, you can choose actions, brushes, and custom shapes, saving you time when dealing with larger files.

The log shows all previous syncs with their corresponding file sizes.

photoshop cc new sync settings feature

Sync Settings

Experimental Features

photoshop cc new tools 2014

Experimental Features

You can now get your hands on features that are not yet part of the Photoshop product; try out functions that are still under development.


When using Liquefy on an edge of document, you can now ‘Pin’ edges so they don’t get pulled away from the perimeter of the file.

Pin edges is accessed by: Filter > Liquefy then choose Advanced mode.

Color Lookup Tables

Create your own Color Lookup Table by adding your preferred adjustment layers.

To access it, click File > Export > Color Lookup Tables

photoshop cc color lookup

Color Lookup Tables

Reset Tools

Reset all tools by right clicking on the main tool icon. This will reset all tools to default settings, including the one in use.

Other updates include options for generator, expanded 3D printing capabilities, and overall improved Photoshop performance.

What are your favorite new Photoshop features?

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