Gym & Fitness Lifestyle Photography Techniques

Just like with any other product photography, gym and fitness clothing also entails some adjustments to your technique. Movement, color and timing are just some factors to consider because even though your product itself is an inanimate object, your model isn’t. This video from Lear Miller should help you figure out how to better capture fitness campaign ad style photos:

Remember that you need to be ready to take the shot once the model executes the exercise. You also need to consider the full range of motion. A shot halfway into the movement is awkward, so wait until the movement is in the proper stage before releasing the shutter.

Equipment Used to Capture These Photos:

Camera body:



  • 2 Paul C Buff Einstein E640 Strobes
  • 2 Paul C buff Vegabond battery packs
  • Triggered with pocket wizard plus 2 & 3’s
  • 2 Large 32×40″ softboxes w/grids
  • 1 10×36″ stripbox

girl doing lat pulldowns

girl running on treadmill

girl drinking water

Another thing you need to remember is that it’s difficult to remain completely still when your model is pushing or pulling on weight. Adjust your exposure accordingly to compensate for the added movement.

girl squatting with kettlebell

girl running on track

girl tying shoelace

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