Eyescape: Amazing Type of Wedding Photo Using the Reflection of an Eye

You probably know that not all wedding photographers are the same, but have you ever imagined capturing that special moment through the eyes of others? Australia-based photographer Peter Adams-Shawn does just that, capturing the scene not only through the lens of his camera, but also through the viewer’s lens as well. He calls the shots “Eyescapes”:

Self-taught, Adams-Shawn took his first “eyescape” in 2011. Since then they’ve become a standard part of his wedding photography. The shots are so extraordinary that judges in the 2014 International Loupe Awards believed it was a composite, and later apologized when they realized it was truly a single shot. (Although, honestly, this would have been some amazing Photoshop work as well!)

The lighting is the tricky part, as both the lighting around the eye of the subject and the lighting of the scene being reflected need to be just right. But once the lighting conditions are right, Adams-Shawn says the shot itself takes very little time and needs next to no editing.

What do you think? Would you like this to be part of your wedding memories?

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