Documentary Photography Insights from a Master

Many budding photographers would love to have five minutes to pick the mind of Steve McCurry, the documentary photographer behind the famous National Geographic cover photo, Afghan Girl (June 1985). While most will never be afforded the opportunity for a one-on-one sit down with the master photographer, we can all take a few moments to enjoy the following look into the mind of McCurry:

The insightful video affords viewers the opportunity to join McCurry on a photo walk as he shares his wisdom and speaks about what drives him. A handful of other select photographers also share their thoughts on the world of photojournalism, all of them masters of their trade.
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“I think people, when you first encounter them, they try to put on a particular mask. I don’t want people to look a certain way, I want them to be just completely natural and be themselves without grinning or smiling or putting on some silly expression.”

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