DIY Leather Camera Harness

A leather harness is an excellent accessory for photographers who prefer to use two camera bodies. As you can imagine, unless you’re in a studio environment, you can only use what you can carry. A leather harness that allows you to sling two cameras is a perfect solution:

Leather harnesses are expensive. A good quality leather harness can easily set you back by about $300. By making one yourself, you can cut down the price to around $70 as Duncan Dimanche demonstrates.

DIY leather harness

Make sure that the belts, the metal clips and the D rings are of the exact same size.

The Process

how to make a leather camera harness

Clip the two belts together to make a figure 8 or an infinity sign.

Once you have the infinity loop done put it on to make sure that the belt buckles are pointing up.

buckles pointning up

camera harness tutorial

Mark the spot where the belts are overlapping. This is where the rivet will go through.

make a leather harness for your camera

Have someone help you out with this step, as it can be a bit difficult if you’re on your own.

Make a hole on this mark, and then rivet them together.

harness for two cameras

Make the sliders by cutting the last belt.

leather camera strap

Make sure that they are not too long so that your equipment doesn’t hit the ground when sitting down.

Make two holes on any one side of the belt strips.

photography harness

Pass the metal clip to check for the perfect length. Then fold the piece and make another two holes. Rivet these holes.

how to make a diy leather camera harness

Repeat the process for the other side of the belt but this time for the D-rings. Your leather sliders are ready. Pass them through the harness.

Now attach the strap screw to the bottom of the camera that you wish to attach to the harness.

inexpensive leather harness

Finally, sling the camera to the harness.

make your own camera harness

Don’t forget to get yourself some safety tethers, and then you’re set to go!

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