A Look at the Different Types of Landscape Photography Today

landscape-typesThere are many photographers in this world who seem to favor landscape photography more over any of the other types of photography. Personally speaking I like it when my photographs have some element of life in it be it human or not, but I can see where sweeping shots of rolling hills, toiling seas and endless skies does have an impact on the viewer.

To my mind there are two distinctly different types of landscape photography around. That of the natural landscape photography, and that of the urban landscape photography. Both have their pros and both have their cons, and it’s really up to the photographer and their sense of imagination to get across to us a grand scene.

Be that as it may though, to get a decent landscape photography shot you don’t need to travel to far and distant lands, in fact you don’t even need to leave your home. To start your landscape photography you can just take a ride on out to your back, or front yard, and have a quick go there to see how well you can make this everyday setting into something extraordinary.

Of course the fun with traveling to far and distant lands to get your landscape photography shots is that most of the hard work has already been done for you. The scenes have already been set to perfection and there’s always going to be some really great vantage point that you can go to, to take your pictures. The trouble with going it at home is that you need to set the shot up for yourself. You need to see the good in your yard and you need to be able to translate that into something that doesn’t look like your back yard.

Landscape photography is not an easy task, but it is well worth the try as you open yourself up to the vast array of possibilities and you learn to think outside of the box. So the next time you go to far and distant lands you won’t just be taking the same old boring shot that everyone before you has, instead you’ll be looking at the various possibilities to be had from different angles and how you can possibly accomplish landscape photography.

landscape-types2Like I said earlier there are two types of landscape photography and natural landscape photography is one of them. Landscape photography of this variety is what you see most of the time. Shots of lightning streaking down from the sky, tumbling waterfalls, roiling seas and densely packed green foliage from the middle of a rainforest, we’ve seen them all and yet we keep coming back for more. We never tire of seeing these glorious photographs, just as we never tire of seeing the more mundane landscape shots either.

The ones taken of the more tranquil scenes, of ponds filled with lily pads, of gardens filled with riotous flowers, and of mile upon mile of rolling farmland stretching out into the distance as far as the eye can see. These all appeal to us and what appeals to us most is what we will also try to photograph.

The urban jungle on the other hand is not something that appeals to everybody. Some find it to be too stark and prefer instead the landscape photography view of nature. But the urban jungle is a truly magnificent place in which you can get lost and take the most amazing pictures. You just need to know where and how to look. There are so many interesting sights that we take for granted and pass by everyday without thinking twice about it.

It’s only when the truly inspired landscape photographer takes a look into this little world of ours and sees it for what it is and shoots it, that we also see the beauty in it. As you can see, and as you have seen in the past, landscape photography doesn’t need to be only about Nature’s landscapes, it can also be about the magnificence of man-made landscapes as well.

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