Creative Photography: 5 Ideas

Whether you work full time as a professional photographer, or practice photography as a hobby, there can be days when you feel stuck. You may enter a phase of creative block, or just generally start getting bored with photography. In either case, trying out some creative and fun photography ideas can help out a lot. It keeps you from being bored and also helps in re-igniting the creative spark. In this video, photographer Liam from 7th Era demonstrates how you can have fun with photography with 5 creative ideas:

When you are always taking photos with a certain objective, it can feel more like work. And this takes all the fun factor away from photography. Like Liam does in this video, sometimes it’s just about going out and taking some photos. No strings attached.

Try photographing some totally random things sometimes. Go out with a lens that you do not use much. Or, if you really want to push the limit, take a break from digital and shoot with film. It’s all about breaking the regular pattern and trying out new and exciting things. Go out, shoot some photos, have fun!

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