Complete Macro Photography Tutorial

Macro photography is a unique type of photography that involves capturing extremely close-up images of small objects. In this video tutorial, Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography takes us through the complete guide to macro photography:


The first thing you’ll need for macro photography is a camera. A macro lens is the best option, but you can also use a regular lens with macro tubes that allow your lens to focus closer. In addition to a camera and lens, a flash is also useful for macro photography.

Capturing the Shots:

In the video, Adam takes us through the process of setting up and taking macro photos. He uses a flash in manual mode and sets it up off-camera to avoid harsh contrast in his images. He also uses a tripod and a trigger to help keep the camera steady during the shoot.

coffee macro

Macro coffee photo captured by Anastasiia Chepinska


After the shoot, Adam demonstrates how to do some basic post-processing on his images in Lightroom. He shows us how to adjust the exposure, contrast, and color in his images to make them pop.


Finally, Adam demonstrates how to print his macro photos in the best way possible. He explains the importance of using high-quality paper and a good printer for printing images that will last.

Macro photography is a fun and creative type of photography that can lead to some beautiful and unique images. Whether you have a macro lens or use macro tubes with a regular lens, the process of taking macro photos involves some gear, careful shooting, and some post-processing. With the right tools and a little bit of patience, anyone can start creating beautiful macro images.

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