Bright Color Fashion Portraits on a White Background

In fashion photography, the photographs should be all about the model. It’s easy to get carried away with lighting and props that ultimately distract from the model’s style. In some cases, props can add to the photograph; however, as Lindsey Adler explains in a behind the scenes video clip, using a plain backdrop and simple lighting allows for the bright colors on her model to really pop out of the photograph. Take a look:

As you can see in the sample photos below, Adler let the colorful accessories and makeup worn by the model do the talking.

fashion photographybeauty portraits

“You want to focus the eye on all the craziness that’s going around without it becoming too distracting. So far we’ve used a beauty dish as the main light on the model then we have the background white so it keeps [the image] pure white and sterile which lets the color just pop and scream.”

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