Boudoir Isn’t Just for Women Anymore: Make Room for Dudeoir

You’ve probably heard of boudoir photography, but have you ever heard of dudeoir photography? A popular photo trend for women may have just crossed over to men. This news clip reports on photographer Natalie Licini, who shoots what she calls “dudeoir”—and she’s seen more and more men looking for this type of service:

People sometimes think of boudoir photos as half-dressed women in a hotel room, but for dudeoir, sometimes a three-piece suit is better than going shirtless or nude. Licini says it’s all about capturing something more intimate. This can start fully-dressed and the subject can slowly unveil himself layer by layer if he’s comfortable.

man in suit photo

Clinical psychologist Barbara Greenberg says:

“We’re crossing gender lines in terms of fashion, in terms of behavior, so really it was just a question of time before men would start giving these photos as gifts.”

With more men becoming interested in having their portraits taken for their partners, the photography business will have to grow and change to accommodate them.

dudeoir photo

Not only is this type of photography popular on Valentine’s Day, but it can also be popular as a first anniversary gift which, according to gift-giving tradition, is paper. Do you include boudoir photography in your photography business? Maybe it’s time to add some dudeoir to your portfolio!

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