Before/After Lightroom Processing Tutorial

Learning how to post-process your images can make the difference between bland and amazing. But how to get there isn’t always clear. It’s not just a matter of knowing what tools are available to you. You also need to know when to use them, and why. And that’s where this new tutorial comes in. You’ll get to watch the transformation of 11 images, and discover the thought process behind the decisions that are made. Found here: Before/After Lightroom Processing

before after lightroom tutorials

Before/After Lightroom Processing Tutorials (Click to Learn More)

Great post-processing is often very subtle. It quietly enhances the image, helps communicate the photographer’s message, and directs the viewers’ eyes to the right elements in the frame.

In the images below, much of the post-processing work isn’t super noticeable. But once you spot it, you can see how it helps to improve the photo:

#1. Grand Canyon


Shooting the Grand Canyon is a once in a lifetime experience, but the photos don’t always match up with what you see – Lightroom can help with that.

#2. Couple in Field


Golden hour is great to shoot in, but can result in tricky exposures, and flat, washed-out tones. Post-processing is a must to get the full benefit of this type of light.

#3. Gas Pumps


Lightroom can let you get super creative with your images. By playing with colour and tones you can get hyper-realistic, HDR style photos that really stand out.

#4. Family


Even well-exposed, pretty photos need some post-processing adjustments to make them look their best. A few easy adjustments takes this one from dull to stunning.

#5. Dandelion


Learning how to create custom black and white conversions is an essential skill for anyone who enjoys the drama that comes from this type of processing. The default conversion just doesn’t cut it – learn how to make it really stand out.

#6. Wedding Couple


Look really closely here. Do you see the subtle changes in the lines? Check out that disappearing graffiti. Lightroom is so powerful, you won’t believe how easy it is to make these amazing changes.

#7. Binoculars


You can even get the popular film-look in your images by learning about all the creative tools Lightroom has for your post-processing.

#8. Newborn


Softening up the tones, and bringing more attention to the subject has a dramatic effect on this image. But you’d hardly know it was edited at all. That’s the power of great post-processing.

#9. Dog


A great black and white conversion can take an image from snapshot to award-winning. There are a lot of tools you can use to make that happen for your images.

#10. Couple in Trees


Being able to control your viewer’s eye is a huge benefit of post-processing, but often goes overlooked. Once you figure it out, you’ll be able to use Lightroom to take your photos to the next level.

#11. NYC


Shapes and lines come alive in black and white, but you have to know how to accentuate them.

The tutorial includes 11 videos, totalling over an hour of content, where the instructor guides you, step-by-step, through the processing of 11 different photos.

“Part of being a great photographer is being able to see the potential in an image. Then, with the right post-processing skills, you can bring that photo to life, and share your vision with the world.”

How to Get a Copy:

It also carries a 60 day guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the tutorial just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

It can be found here: Before/After Lightroom Processing Tutorial

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  1. Is it me or not all the after versions mean an improvement but a different version of the original?

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