Asia’s City That Never Sleeps: Shanghai Timelapse/Hyperlapse Photography

The collaboration of photographer Rob Whitworth and urban exploration expert JT Singh, “This Is Shanghai” captures the unique identity of the Asian metropolis, from its glittering skyline and 4,000 skyscrapers (twice as many as New York City), to back-alley restaurants and graffiti-covered streets. For this timelpase/hyperlapse presentation, Whitworth and his team sought out both iconic vistas and hidden treasures, walking many miles around the city to find the most compelling vantage points and best shots:

The team even took advantage of the Chinese social media site Weibo to ask city residents to share their favorite parts of the city. With creative use of perspective and day-to-night transitions, “This Is Shanghai” offers a stunning look at a rising Asian city. Some stills from the video presentation can be seen below:

Shanghai timelapse and hyperlapse photography

Shanghai night timelapse

Shanghai hyperlapse photography

Shanghai graffiti photography

“The over-riding reason we made this video was to creatively show the world visually how China is rising, in particular Chinese cities. Just as New York City exemplified the strengths and ambitions of emerging America in the 20th century, Shanghai, perhaps more than any old or emerging rival, will personify the power and dreams of rising Asia in the 21st century.”

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