9 Simple Poses for Wedding & Engagement Photos

No couple heading down the aisle is the same. Sure, pretty much all of them want professional looking photos taken to celebrate the big day or the engagement, but how they want those photos to look is unique to their personalities and their dynamic. Maybe the best way to capture a new bride and groom is through a fun, energetic pose. Or, maybe they’re looking for a more romantic image. SLR Lounge has nine easy and fast wedding poses for any couple:

1. The V-Up

  • Have your couple stand together, touching at the hips.
  • Keep their hands from laying flat by their sides.
  • Try it with them hold hands.
  • Consider having the male put his hand in his pocket.
  • Consider having the female put her hand on her hip.
v-up pose


2. Opened-Up

  • Open up their feet toward you.
  • Separate their bodies facing the camera.
  • Join their hands in the middle.
  • They can either look at each other or at you.
opened up pose


3. Closed-Up

  • This is great for a more intimate feel.
  • Have the couple turn their bodies toward each other.
  • Make sure there are no gaps between them.
  • Try it with the couple kissing.
how to pose a couple


4. The Stacked Pose

  • Have the groom stand behind the bride.
  • He can keep his arms around her waist or wrapped across her chest.
  • Have them look off into the distance or toward each other.
  • Capture both their romantic interactions and location.
the stacked pose

Stacked Pose

5. The Swing

  • Evaluate the groom’s coordination and strength before attempting this one.
  • Have your groom lift up your bride.
  • Have the bride lift one or both legs.
the swing pose

The Swing

6. The Dip

  • Position the groom to face the camera.
  • Have him dip his bride to the side.
  • Be sure the groom lunges down enough.
  • Make sure his positioning doesn’t look like a squat.
the dip pose

The Dip

7. Staggered Couple

  • Position your couple with the bride in the front or vice versa.
  • Switch your camera focus between the bride and groom.
staggered couple pose

Staggered Couple

8. Meeting in the Middle

  • Place your couple facing each other.
  • Leave space between them.
  • Have them bend at the hips.
  • Meet in the middle with a kiss.
meet in the middle pose

Meeting in the Middle

9. The Walk

  • Get the couple to link arms or hold hands.
  • Have them walk slowly toward you.
  • Have them talk with each other.
  • Focus on capturing candid and natural reactions.
  • Repeat until you have a perfect expression and focus.
walking pose

The Walk

Try a combination of these poses on your next wedding or engagement shoot. Talk to the couple, get an idea of what they like and how they act together. No doubt, one of these poses will capture their love perfectly!

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