7 Camera Shortcuts for Nikon Photographers

There are certain camera functions we use all the time but that take up lots of our time without us realizing it. Steve Perry shares seven Nikon camera shortcuts that can significantly ease your workload:

1. Quickly Zoom to 100%

Photographers often zoom in to check focus. Instead of pressing the + or – keys, press down the multi-selector center button and your image will be zoomed in 100 percent. The area zoomed in will be the one that was under the selected AF point.

In order to select, go to Custom Setting Menu > Controls > Multi selector center button.

Next select Playback mode > Zoom on/off > 1:1 (100%)

Click OK and you’re all set.

2. Quick Live View Zoom

If you’re used to zooming in to 100 percent in live view, you can set up a quick 100 percent zoom shortcut. The steps are almost the same as above, except in the third window select Live view instead of Playback mode.

Just like before turn on the Zoom option and then select 1:1 (or 100%).

3. Command Dial to Scroll Through Images

Canon users have long been able to use the command dial on the back of their camera to scroll through hundreds of images at the blink of an eye. Nikon users can do the same.

Go to Custom Setting Menu > Controls > Customize command dials > Menus and playback > On or On (image review excluded).

Press OK and you are now set to show off to a Canon shooter.

4. Fast Card Format

This trick to fast format your memory card can save you from some blushes. Insert a memory card into the card slot. Press and hold down the two buttons with Format written in Red. Now a blinking For will appear on the LCD screen.

Now, simultaneously press down the two buttons again to format the memory card. If your camera has two slots simply turn the main command dial to select the right card.

And you thought you had to dig into the menu every time!

5. Temporarily Disable Flash

Manually turning your flash on and off can be tiring. A one touch turn off would be a much better solution to temporarily turn off the flash. This is how to do it.

Custom Setting Menu > Controls > Assign preview button > Press > Flash Off. Press OK.

Next time you press and hold the preview button, your flash won’t fire when you shoot.

6. Set the Video Record Button to Change ISO

Simply go to Custom Setting Menu > Controls > Assign movie record button > Press + command dials > ISO.

7. Store AF Point by Orientation

This is a real life saver. With this feature turned on, your previously selected AF point returns back when you change the orientation of your camera.

Let’s say that you had an outer AF point selected for horizontal mode and the center AF point for vertical mode, as you change orientation back and forth the AF points are auto selected. The sweetest thing is you can also take your AF area mode with you.

Custom Setting menu > Auto-focus > Store by orientation > Focus point and AF area mod or Focus Point.

Let us know if you have any other Nikon shortcuts to add to this list!

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