5 Techniques to Elevate Your Landscape Photography

As beginner and intermediate photographers, we invest a lot of time going through articles and videos to help learn more about the craft. As we know, only few of them are worthwhile. Today’s is one of the good ones: we bring to you five techniques that will help you elevate your landscape photography to the next level. All these tips have been tried and tested by professional photographer Adam Karnacz. These techniques that will help you remain motivated, stretch your skills and improve your landscape photography considerably:

The first technique that Karnacz talks about is long exposure. But as he rightly points out, it is quite easy to go overboard with this technique. The key is to use this technique with intent. You can add some interesting juxtaposition between static and moving objects. Look for clouds, rivers, waterfalls and waves. You may need to use an ND filter depending on the light conditions. When done right, this technique can add an ethereal look to your photos.

Another tip is to shoot facing towards the sun. Many photographers don’t like to do this, but in the video you can see how it adds warmth to the image. Yes, you will end up with a lens flare. But in the video, Karnacz shares a brilliant technique to avoid this if you prefer.

A general tendency when we’re out for landscape photography is to maximize the depth of field by using smaller apertures. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it is also a great idea to look for some detail shots. Even try isolating some interesting subjects using a shallow depth of field. This will add a whole new look to your landscape photos.

Another overused technique in landscape photography is to include a foreground. One reason for this is to add depth in your images. But as Karnacz shares in the video, this is not the only way. He shares quite a lot of other methods you can use to emphasize depth without having your immediate foreground in the frame. Going beyond this technique, he even shares beautiful examples of how even flat looking images can be breathtaking. Be sure to try them out.

His last tip is one you may have heard before:

“We don’t need to be operating during the golden hour all the time.”

Don’t be one of those photographers who only goes out shooting during the perfect lighting conditions. Instead, embrace the challenges and head out mid-day, or even deliberately when the weather is not perfect. You’ll be surprised to see what results you can get. Doing so will make you a versatile photographer.

Karnacz goes into a lot more detail for each of these techniques. Be sure to watch the complete video and take notes. We’re sure that these techniques will help you out a lot.

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