5 Fire Photography Tips & Ideas

Normally, photography and fire don’t mix. But COOPH has a few ideas to heat up your photography:

Tell a Story

Fire photography tips

Use matchsticks or anything else flammable that you can find to use as props. Turn them into characters by drawing or painting faces on them. Secure them in place and set them on fire.

matchstick photography

Let your imagination and pyromania run loose!

match fire photo

Create a Candle Timelapse

You need some candles, something to help the candles stand, an intervalometer, and a tripod. Light the candles and keep shooting until you have enough shots to convert into timelapse footage.

candle timelapse


Please make sure that you have taken all the safety precautions when attempting this at home.

fireball photography

A can of spray deodorant and a lighter are a potent mix to produce a small, controlled flame-thrower. Photograph the flame. Ask a model to come in and strike a dramatic pose (without the fire!).

using fire in photos

Blend the two images together.

fireball and model photo

Set Up Candlelight Portraits

All you need are a large candle and a black (or grey background). Switch off all the ambient light so that only the light from the candle illuminates the subject.

candle portrait

Capture a portrait of the subject using the warm light of the candle.

Take Action Photos

You need some lighter fluid, a shiny black tile, and a few toy cars. Place a toy car on the shiny black tile. Pour some lighter fluid on a plate, and soak a short string in the fluid. Place the string right behind the car. Light the string. Trailblazing!

car fire photography

You can take any of these tips and give it your own twist to add to the drama in these images. Let us know what you come up with! (But please be careful!)

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