2014 Sochi Olympics Sequence Photography

The winter Olympics have come and gone, but the promotional materials are still coming at us in full force. Some incredible photographs have come out of Olympic Stadium, but some of the coolest Olympics-related images were made before the games even started:

Over the course of four days, photographer Dylan Coulter and his crew set up camp in a New York studio where they invited eight Olympic athletes to take part in an ad campaign for Citibank.


Behind the Scenes


Billy Demong

Coulter used a technique referred to as sequence photography to create incredible images that manage to show movement in an interesting way, as you can see above. Sequence photography requires a fair amount of preparation, like all photo shoots, but a lot of the magic also happens in post-production where the multiple frames are blended into one another to create the action sequence.

The choice of sequence photography effectively put action into otherwise still images.

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