17 Dazzling Photos to Hold You Over Until Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a way of life. It’s traveling and relaxing. Being in touch with nature. It’s living simply, away from the luxury of urban life.

If you still haven’t tried it, this summer could be perfect for it! When you see what wonderful scenes there are to capture, I bet you’ll start packing right away:

night, camping, sky

photo by Kiril Rusev

camping, nature, golden, hour

photo by Felix Meyer

camping, snow, tent

photo by Vern

camping, night, moon

photo by Arup Malakar

camping photography

photo by kuhnmi

camping, plain, simple, valley

photo by Joseph

camping sunset tent

photo by Zach Dischner


photo by Meagan

camping, stars, sky

photo by Tim Stelzer

mt, everest, camp

photo by emifaulk

camp, canada, fire

photo by Darian Wong

camping, sunny

photo by Steve Walser

If you liked these, grab your gear, clothes, and tent. Adventures await! But, first, read How to Photograph a Glowing Tent and Starry Sky to learn to take your own awesome camping photos.

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