10 Frozen Macro Photos

Winter is a perfect season for photographers! Everything seems so peaceful, clean, and sharp. The light reflecting from the frozen nature around us gives us a great opportunity to capture some of the most amazing creations in the world. Here are some inspiring examples from photographers sharing the same willingness to suffer numb fingers and toes in pursuit of the perfect winter photo:

winter, leave, leaves, water, frozen

photo by slowhand7530

winter, blackberry, frozen, ice

photo by Julie Falk

winter, macro, woods, forrest, leave, leaves, snow

photo by Sheila Sund

winter, trees, snow, macro

photo by Erik Schepers

winter, macro,cold

photo by Lorenzoclick

winter, macro, ice, art

photo by Lynne Hand

leave, winter, autumn, cold, macro

photo by Tatyana A.

mushrooms, ice, frozen, winter, macro

photo by Jason

If these got your attention, check out our tips for taking great winter photos. Get out your layers of clothes and grab your camera before you go outside in pursuit of your favorite winter photograph!

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