Using Light Painting Photography to Create Ethereal Scenes

Viewers of Jason D. Page‘s light paintings often assume his artwork is the result of Photoshop trickery. But Page captures his colorful, dream-like nature scenes using just one exposure in real-time. He wanders out into the dark woods, locks his shutter open, and “paints” color and light onto his subjects to create his fantastical imagery without the aid of post-processing.


Watch the following video to learn more about Page’s technique and artistic vision:

Inspired by Dean Chamberlain‘s work, Page has worked to recreate a vivid dream he experienced during a tragic childhood event. He remembers trying to get back into the dream, where he saw a beautiful, vibrant forest. Now, using long exposures and handheld light sources, he is able to take himself into the euphoric world he pictured in his mind.


For Further Training on Light Painting:

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