Search Engine Optimization Cookbook for Photographers

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This new guide is designed to help you achieve business success through search engines. Learn 31 ingredients Google considers important, 6 tools to power your optimization efforts, and 23 recipes to rank higher for photography keyword searches: Search Engine Cookbook for Photographers

photography cookbook

New: Search Engine Optimization Cookbook for Photographers

The number of people seeking photography services via Google dwarfs every other medium, including Facebook and word of mouth. Each month, Google processes: 100,000,000,000 searches (that’s 100 billion) 1,800,000 searches for wedding photographer 300,000 searches for portrait photographer.

A high search rank can help photographers…

  • Get more clients
  • Attract the right clients
  • Charge the fees you deserve
  • Scale back paid marketing activities
  • Look like you’re the best in your area
  • Build a client base that can generate referral business

Includes worksheets to help you brainstorm, plan, and practice the lessons. One worksheet gives you a template for writing your entire homepage. Another offers dozens of keyword ideas from which you can expand.

Some of the Many Topics Covered (100 Pages):

  • How to Optimize a Blog Homepage
  • SEO for Blog Posts
  • Establish Trust with Google
  • Find Hundreds of Keywords
  • How to Rank a Flash Site
  • Make More People Click on You in Google
  • Get More Search Visitors to Call You
  • Show Your Headshot in Search Results
  • Position Yourself in Google Maps (Places)
  • Keep Your Online Business Fresh
  • How to Optimize Images for Search
cookbook for photographers

Videos and Worksheets included with the Guide (Click to See More)

  • Improve Social Media Reach
  • Create a Paid Search Campaign that Works
  • Get Great Links from Other Sites
  • Make Google Find You Faster
  • Measure Your Rank and Search Traffic
  • Optimize URLs for Keywords
  • Dominate Page 1 for Your Name
  • Setup the All in One SEO Pack Plugin
  • Speed Up Your Site
  • How to Write and Rank a Splash Page
  • Crafting Page Titles for Rank and Clicks
  • Using Videos to Rank on Page 1

“With 10 years Internet marketing experience, I’ve consulted for huge photography companies, contributed to dozens of popular websites and have been featured in magazines like Professional Photographer. I’ve personally helped hundreds of photographers with SEO strategies via workshops and one-on-one coaching, plus thousands more through my ebooks.” -Author Zach Prez

How to Get a Copy:

It also carries a 30 day no-questions-asked guarantee, if you are not satisfied with any part of the book just let them know and they will give you a full refund so there is no risk in trying it.

It can be found here: Search Engine Cookbook for Photographers

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