Food Photography Workflow, Tips, and Techniques

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Food photographers are responsible for the task of presenting our edibles in the most appetizing way which isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In his 1 1/2 hour long seminar, professional food photographer, Robert Jacobs, teaches viewers how to create decadent food portraits from concept to completion. All aspects of the craft are covered, including storyboarding, lighting techniques, working with art directors, all the way through the final editing. If you have been curious as to how you can improve your own food photography, you may want to take a look:

Through his hands-on experience, Jacobs has mastered the art of food photography, both on the commercial side and the more creative side of the genre. Many of the techniques Jacobs uses can also be used in still life photography, another niche that he often crosses into.

food photography lighting techniques

 “A lot of the stuff I shoot outside I’ll shoot with the 16-35mm because I like that kind of distorted look to it. It’s either that or the 100mm, I’ll even bring out the 200mm to really separate the stuff from the background.”

For Further Training:

Those delicious holiday meals are fast approaching along with terrific food photography opportunities. This new book is packed full of tips, techniques, and advice to help you get started or refine your skills at producing photos that bring out the best of any given dish. We were able to arrange a 25% discount. Simply use the code picturecorrect at checkout:

It can be found here: Tasty Food Photography Guide

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