Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals for Photographers

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cyber monday photographyOnline sales for Black Friday topped $1 billion for the first time this year, ahead of Cyber Monday, anticipated to be the biggest online shopping day ever and the deals keep coming. We will be updating this page throughout the day & week if more deals are found – stay tuned!

As the craziness around Cyber Monday only increases every year; retailers, publishers, and service providers are rolling out amazing discounts to try to get your attention.

It’s a great time of the year to find the best deals on products you have been thinking about. Here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals we found tailored to photographers:

2. Trick Photography, the most popular photography eBook – at 50% off

trick photography deal

This has been the most popular eBook with our audience over the last few years. The recent 2nd edition includes 100 new e-book pages (300 pages total) and 9 full hours of video tutorials. It is in PDF format so it is perfect for tablet devices or any computer.

3. Best Photography Deals at Amazon

amazon cyber monday

4. Photography Client Guide Template

photography client guide

A vital part of running a photography business is managing your client’s expectations! This is where a client guide comes in, it is essentially a booklet or pamphlet that walks the clients through the booking process, informs them about you, pricing, what to expect, and any other information.

5. Creative Pricing & Packaging for Photographers

pricing and packaging photography

Join other wedding and portrait photographers in effectively pricing and packaging their services through the psychological understanding behind consumption.

6. Boudoir Photography Assistance

portraits photography deal

The Marketing Set includes a 28-page marketing ebook, a marketing schedule, a letter to use for approaching other businesses to help promote you, and the actual marketing templates you need.

7. How to Build an Irresistible Photography Website

photography website deal

Make your website work for you, not the other way around! It is your “employee” and if it isn’t doing its job, it needs to be fired and replaced! Learn how and so much more from this resource.

8. Photo Enhancement Lightroom Presets

One Willow Presets have been creatively designed and fine tuned to provide beautiful and effective photo enhancements in Lightroom and ACR. These presets help streamline photo editing with lovely, unique finishes.

9. Liquid Photography Guide

liquid photography guide discount

It includes everything you need to know about studio tabletop photography, from the equipment for hi-speed photography to the lighting techniques and DIY solutions. You will learn quickly and easily.

10. Canvas Prints – 60% off any canvas print size

canvas print

If you have ever wanted to try printing one of your favorite photos on canvas, this is a very good opportunity, Canvas People just launched an 60% off sale on any of their print sizes.

11. Time-lapse Photography Guidebook

time-lapse photography deal

A new COMPLETE guide to shooting, processing and rendering time-lapses using a dslr camera. This 146 page eBook covers everything from start to finish including shooting, processing and rendering.

12. Photography Concentrate Tutorials

photography concentrate deal

They have unique training packages that help photographers specialize in the above specific areas, so if you are looking for more training on these topics, now is a good time to check them out.

13. Guide on Building a Wedding Photo Business

wedding photography deal

An in-depth playbook on techniques to grow a wedding photography business. This eBook will guide you through the process of developing a strong base of referrals so a consistent scalable business can be built.

14. Photography Marketing Guides

photography marketing guide

Actionable advice for your photography website, blog, or social media profile so you can get more traffic by the holidays. If you know you need more business and have been waiting for something to happen, now is the time to take action. A $15 investment will give a boost to your 2013 marketing.

15. SEO Guide for Photographers

seo for photographers offer

Ranking well on Google could mean a lot of traffic to your website, thus more business. If you’re not found on search engines, then you simply don’t exist.

16. Studio Tabletop Photography Guide

studio tabletop photography

It includes everything you need to know about studio tabletop photography, from the equipment to the lighting techniques and DIY solutions.

17. Best Deals at B&H Photo

b and h photography

B&H is world renown as the place to go for all your photo, video, pro audio and digital imaging needs. Once you step inside our store, an incredible array of specialized departments awaits you.

18. Best Deals at Adorama

adorama black friday

They love photography, the art and science and passion of the craft. They love the photographers, both well-known and well-intentioned, who create works both famously and anonymously great.

19. HDR Photo Course from Trey Ratcliff

hdr photography course offer

If you are interested in furthering your skills in HDR photography, this course can definitely help. If you are unfamiliar with his work, Trey created the first HDR photo to ever be hung in the Smithsonian Museum; he is likely the most successful HDR photographer ever.

Topaz Labs Photo Filters & Plugins

Many professional photographers have started using Topaz as a part of their post-processing for stunning yet subtle improvements.

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