You Are Here: Stunning Images of Earth from Space

We are here. On Earth. And just when we thought we’d finally comprehended the beauty of this planet, she throws another astonishing surprise our way. Colonel Chris Hadfield, one of the most accomplished astronauts in history, has taken thousands of astounding pictures from the space station during his missions and compiled them into a visually stunning book called You Are Here:

You Are Here: Around The World In 92 Minutes is the final collection of images taken by the Canadian born Hadfield 1.3 million meters above the surface of our blue planet. Hadfield went through 8 cameras and almost 45,000 images taken over half a year in space to present us with the best of Mother Nature’s painted face. From sun streaked sand dunes to ethereal brain like mountain formations, glowing city veins and centipede river flows, Hadfield has captured our earth in abstract art like photographs.

chris hadfield astronaut space earth photography
space photography
chris hadfield photography

“The world is so generous in its beauty.”

The entire cycle around the earth takes precisely 92 minutes. The experience left Hadfield with a transformed view of the world.

earth photography
photos of earth from space
chris hadfield astronaut photographer
photographing the earth abstract

“It’s a real understanding of the world. Not your own part of the world and a percolated view of the rest. You see the whole thing unanimously, uniformly, in 92 minutes around and around. And that really starts to seep into you; the fact that we’re all in this together.”

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