Wow Factor Photography Course

If there was an easy way to capture creative photos that make people gasp and say “Wow! How’d you take that?”… would you be interested? That is the goal of this recent best-selling course and it is currently on sale if you want to check it out. Deal found here: The Wow Factor Photography Course

macro splash photo

Wow Factor Photography Course (peek inside)

This course is designed to be viewed over 30 days (though you can go at any pace you like), with a new project to experiment with every day. And all videos are available immediately after signing up.

It’s broken down to four different sections: Flash, Abstract, DIY, and Photoshop.

Week 1 – Abstract Photography

This first week eases you into creative photography. Simple projects that don’t require a flash, and only a touch of processing.

Day 1 – Spiral Light Photography

You can capture unique photos for a dazzling effect.

Day 2 – High Speed Photography

Freeze motion and capture action using nothing more than a fast shutter and a little preparation.

Day 3 – Macro Photography

With a few simple tricks and the right lens, spectacular photos are a few clicks away.

Day 4 – Crystal Ball Photography

Learn how to master this creative accessory, for a fascinating new perspective.

Day 5 – Light Graffiti

Play with light at night and create colourful shapes and words in the sky.

Day 6 – Light Trail Photography

The popular form of long exposure photography captures movement and motion at night.

Day 7 – Long Exposure Daytime

Mix movement and still-life for a hypnotic effect.

Week 2 – DIY Photography

The second week focuses on using ordinary household items in your photography, from plastic forks to picture frames.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible when you simply use them in the right context.

Day 8 – Colourful Waterdrops

Illuminate colourful details with plenty of colour, using nothing more than what you’ll find inside your kitchen.

colorful waterdrops

Photographing Colorful Waterdrops

Day 9 – Photoelasticity

Would you believe this photo was shot using a polarising filter, a laptop, and some cheap plastic cutlery?

Day 10 – Custom Bokeh

A fun way to get creative with your background blur is to create a custom bokeh.

Day 11 – Oil & Water

A few drops of water, a splash of oil, and a few sheets of coloured card, is all it takes to recreate this abstract image.

Day 12 – Transferring Photos Onto Wood

We walk you through a simple process of transferring photos onto a wooden board. Not to be missed

Day 13 – Steel Wool Photography

Safely play with sparks of fire and capture long exposures that defy all logic.

Day 14 – Photo Montage

You can shoot this with your iPhone and merge the photos together with a couple of clicks in Photoshop.

photo montage

Merging Photo Together

Week 3 – Flash

Don’t be intimidated by flash photography. It’s not complicated, and it’s not expensive. These six videos use a simple flash and wireless transmitter, purchased for a combined cost of only $100.

They show you how to set your flash for each of these photos, so you can copy their settings.

These are my favourite photos of the course!

Day 15 – Bubble Photography

We use a chef’s tip to inflate the bubbles for 5 minutes, allowing wild swirls to appear for this otherworldly effect.

Day 16 – Harris Shutter Effect

Capture colourful movement with burst fire, and some simple layering.

Day 17 – Slow Sync Flash

Use a flash to freeze a subject, and a simple camera setting to add movement.

Day 18 – Smoke Photography

Capture fascinating and unique shapes, then easily add colour and compositions in Photoshop.

Day 19 – Water Droplet Photography

Have fun and fascinate yourself with abstract water drop photography.

Day 20 – Water Splash Photography

Mix still life with water splash for this colourful action photography.

smoke photography

Smoke and Splash Photography Tutorials

Week 4 – Photoshop

These 10 remaining videos focus on the fun you can have using Photoshop.

Although we shot these videos using Photoshop (for the most part), you can still achieve the same results with your favourite alternative software.

Day 21 – Chain Link Cut Out

Remove parts of yourself from a scene for a spooky result.

Day 22 – Day to Night Photography

Merge photos from day to night with this interesting version of landscape photography.

Day 23 – Double Exposure

Experiment with merging two photos into one for an abstract and unusual result.

Day 24 – Hidden Camera Mirror Trick

Make people question their sanity by removing your camera from a photo.

Day 25 – Miniature Globe Panorama

Create miniature globes with a simple and easy to use Photoshop trick.

double exposure

Photoshop Tutorials

Day 26 – Multiplicity Photography

Capture action in motion and display it all in one photo.

Day 27 – Picasso Style Cross Section Portrait

Cut yourself in half like a Picasso portrait for this artistic and abstract photo.

Day 28 – The Droste Effect

Spiral on to infinity with this never-ending creative photo.

Day 29 – Tilt-Shift Photography

Make the world look like a model with a very simple and easy to apply filter.

Day 30 – Time-Lapse

Capture minutes or hours of motion in seconds, using nothing more than your digital camera.

How to Get the Course for a Discount Today:

It also comes with a generous 90 day, happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Deal found here: The Wow Factor Photography Course

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