Winter in the Canadian Rockies: Print and Process eBook

winter photography ebook

Winter Landscape Photography eBook

Winter in the Canadian Rockies by Darwin Wiggett is the newest eBook to be added to the Craft & Vision library and the latest in The Print & The Process Series. It contains some specialized techniques on how to capture professional winter landscape photos using specific filters, light-painting, lenses, camera settings and more.

Darwin captures the spirit of Canada’s most striking mountain range in this monograph of breath-taking landscapes. Photographers of all levels, and geographic persuasion, will find inspiration and insight in this beautiful body of work, and the accompanying discussions, that spans nearly three decades. Darwin discusses in detail the joys and difficulties of working in the cold to capture the abstract and artistic beauty of this magical place. What could be better during these winter months than a great photographer and teacher like Darwin sharing his warm fondness for the coolness of winter?

winter landscape photo techniques

Winter in the Canadian Rockies Photography eBook

Darwin Wiggett explains, “I have been photographing in the Canadian Rockies for years, and I never fail to be moved by the spirit of this place. I have photographed the peaked spires and plunging valleys in every season and every kind of light, but winter remains my favorite season for photography here. Sure, the cold makes photography difficult, but it also makes it more rewarding. “Easy” is rarely worthwhile. Difficulties help you grow—at least that is what I tell myself when my fingers and toes are numb and my face is frozen to the camera!”

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