Wine Drinking Portrait Project Yields Hilarious Results

While it may come as no surprise, drinking wine changes more than just how you feel. It also affects how you act and how you look. According to Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti, the 3 Wine Glasses project began as a joke—finding the inspiration for his project from a saying about wine, which states that your first glass is about the food, the second glass of wine is about love, and the third about mayhem:

His goal was to show the positive side of drinking wine: with a good environment and great people, it can be fun. By combining a few of his favorite passions (friends, wine, and photography) Alberti watched as his project began to take shape. He kept it simple, with the first image taken as soon as each of his models arrived, fading the stresses of the day from their minds.

As expected, with each glass of wine consumed, each model began to loosen up more. Overall, the project used over 50 models and took six days to shoot. Each model was given a total of three glasses of wine, and their headshots were taken with the same aspects.

After each glass, Alberti captured a new photo before they were given the next glass of wine. From losing inhibitions to losing clothes, you can definitely see how Alberti was able to create the perfect environment to create this inspirational project.

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