Wildlife Photography: 10 Pro Tips

Unlike most other genres of photography, wildlife photography gives you a very small margin for error. Animals are unpredictable. It is therefore essential that you’re familiar with your gear and its capabilities, and also have the skills to make the most out of it. To help you out, today we have wildlife photographer Steve Perry sharing 10 tips that’ll help you consistently capture the best possible images in the wild.

Perry covers a wide range of topics, but focuses on the technical aspects of wildlife photography. Follow these tips wisely, and you and your camera can help each other produce greater results than ever.

Perry shares insights into how practicing simple habits, such as regularly checking your camera settings, can improve your outcome. He also covers a wide range of topics related to ISO that’ll help you get the cleanest file possible without sacrificing details. This is very important, because in wildlife photography, we need to work in whatever lighting situations we find. Also, animals can have dark fur or feathers, which may cause you to push the shadows.

When out in the field, you’ve probably come across situations when the camera struggles to focus. As we all know, there is no cure for blurry and out-of-focus shots, even in post. If you’ve missed valuable shots because of this reason, you must try the two techniques that Pery demonstrates.

There are loads of other tips and techniques for wildlife photographers in the video. So be sure to watch the whole thing. And definitely try out at least a few of them on your next wildlife outing.

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