Wildflower Photography eBook Review

wildflower photography ebook

Wildflower Photography eBook

Wildflower Photography by Steve Berardi is designed to be a complete guide to photographing wildflowers. This is the 2nd edition which has been completely revamped with new sections, more example photos, and updated content. This 64 page eBook takes you through the whole process from equipment and camera settings to post-processing in Photoshop.

Wildflowers display some of the most brilliant colors found in nature. And, for good reason–they’re fiercely competing with each other to attract their pollinating friends: the insects and a few species of birds. However, their brilliant colors often make them difficult to photograph.

Berardi says, “Have you ever come home with a full memory card only to !nd out that all those beautiful flower photos you took have blown out highlights, washed out colors, and harsh shadows? Well, this book will teach you how to avoid these problems and come home with great wildflower photos.”

Topics Covered:

  • Equipment needed
  • How to set up your shot
  • How to find the right aperture
  • How to find the perfect exposure
  • Maximizing sharpness
  • Lighting
  • Color theory
  • Focus stacking
ebook on wildflower photography

Photo Examples from the Wildflower Photography eBook

  • Introduction to post-processing
  • Reducing noise
  • Increasing saturation and contrast
  • Adjusting exposure
  • Fixing blown highlights
  • Emphasizing the flower
  • Sharpening
  • Photo examples with explanations and exposure settings

This eBook is loaded with great information from start to finish. Since it is the 2nd edition, it seems the author had a great deal of time to make sure this new edition was indeed a complete guide for photographers looking to improve their wildflower photos.

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2 responses to “Wildflower Photography eBook Review”

  1. BobW says:

    This article reads more like an advert than a review. What is particularly good about this book? What does it tell us that similar books leave out? What’s not so good?

  2. BobW says:

    PS: Don’t get me wrong. It IS a great book. It’s just that this “review” doesn’t really tell us any more than the publisher’s blurb.

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