Why Use a Tablet With Photoshop?

While the Wacom tablet has become a staple among CGI artists and professional digital retouchers, a lot of amateurs stay away from them with fewer and fewer good reasons. Some believe they’re too expensive or just for professional photographers. But Lauren Lim has a pretty convincing argument for why you—yes, you, even the just-starting-out photographer with the entry-level SLR—should consider buying one:

“The difference between using a tablet and a mouse is like the difference between using a paintbrush for a painting… or a brick.”

Here’s a quick list of the benefits to using a tablet when editing images in Lightroom or  Photoshop:

  1. Accuracy. The big boon of tablets is that they allow the user to gracefully control outlines and brushstrokes. This makes it much easier and more natural to delete distractions in the frame or cut items out.
  2. Pressure control. By pushing down harder on the tablet, you can create stronger brushstrokes. This is extremely helpful when dodging or burning areas of your photo, or dealing with exposure.
  3. Cheap price. Tablets used to be expensive, sure—but now a standard one costs only $100. Larger, professional-grade tablets costs more, but if you’re starting out, you can get a sleek new wireless tablet for a fraction of the cost of Photoshop.

The harder you press on the tablet, the firmer the line appears.


Tablets now have loads more options, as well, including multi-touch control (if you’re using your fingers) and strong durability—all of which turns Photoshop into a proper canvas, and can help turn your images into proper art.

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One response to “Why Use a Tablet With Photoshop?”

  1. Another good reason: if you look around a bit, you’ll get Photoshop Elements bundled with your tablet…

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