Why Take a Picture?

I have a firm belief that the purpose of photography and the act of taking a picture is to capture a moment in time, be it a person, a place, or an object. Each captured image has the potential to carry its own unique feeling through time, and bring you back with happiness and wonder to the origins of that moment.

taking a picture

Photo by Nandhu Kumar; ISO 100, f/14, 1/400s

Every second that you live is a second more in the past. Every picture that is taken captures those split seconds and stores them timelessly. Pictures are a chart of memories and moments that can be revisited as they were when the image is viewed. If a picture wasn’t taken, some precious memories would be lost forever.

Of course pictures come in many forms. From natural in the moment snaps, to carefully staged and managed photo shoots. In whatever form the picture is taken, the captured image will be forever unique, like the originality of every finger print. Natural moments cannot be created, they can only be captured in their time.

A great picture does not necessarily need to be a great work of art. While the art of photography in my opinion relies primarily on both creativity and preparation, the art of a great picture can very often rely just on the emotion that is captured in that instant. Today photographs can be enhanced and transformed with the click of a mouse, but the greatness of a picture cannot be edited; it’s either there or it’s not. It cannot be created.

A raw amateur can capture as great a picture as a finely trained professional photographer when that special second is captured on the camera. The main difference in the two individuals is the consistency of getting that great picture at each opportunity and seeing the possibility of a great image in a passing moment. A great picture can come in the simple form of an apple in a field or the innocence in an eye. The little moments can sometimes be the best.

key moment photo

Photo by Ryan Tang; ISO 1250, f/2.8, 1/100s

Photography styles and consistency can vary, but a great picture is just there. If you carry the camera and click the button you have it to cherish. No matter how talented an eye you may have, if you take the pictures, there is always a diamond to be found. If you don’t, that great moment is gone. So get ready for the next one.

A picture really is worth a thousand words. A great picture is priceless.

About the Author:
Peter Shields from FineFocus is a wedding and portrait photography for Dublin and throughout Ireland.

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2 responses to “Why Take a Picture?”

  1. Tiberman Sajiwan Ramyead says:


    Your article is REFRESHING. You remind us of the obvious in a simple and elegant style. I also see the time and passion you have poured into such a writing.

    Warm regards from Mauritius

  2. Don Rocklin says:

    Beautiful writing. The next time someone asks me why I take pictures I will tell them about this article.

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