Why Being a Photographer Isn’t Always Great

To most people who are not into photography, the profession seems glamorous and fun-filled. But only those photographers who have been in the business for a long time really know the true secrets that lie beneath the shimmery surface. While some experiences can be frustrating, a few of them can be really bad. That’s why photographer Jessica Kobeissi wanted to share some of the things that she really hates about photography:

When just starting out in photography, we don’t realize that getting a camera body and lens is just the beginning. Next comes the desire for newer cameras with supposedly better features, newer lenses and more accessories. This gear-acquisition syndrome, paired with the remarkably high prices of equipment, can put a huge dent in your bank balance. And as if just taking photos were not expensive enough, the huge file sizes also add a cost in the form of storage.

The photo-taking process is not always convenient, either. Most places have restrictions in place and make it impossible (or very expensive) for you to shoot there. Sometimes you even get yelled at. And if you’re traveling with your gear, you’re going to have a pretty rough experience at airports. What can be even more frustrating is when you go through so much trouble to take good photos and people simply steal your work online. And the biggest annoyance? When people offer to pay you in terms of exposure instead of cash, as if exposure could be traded for food.

What similar bad experiences have you had as a photographer?

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