When You Need the Right Photography Gear

If you study the perception of two distinct groups of photographers, beginners and professionals, about the idea of getting the best gear to improve photography, you will get contradicting results. The beginners tend to feel that getting the best gear will help them in taking better photos. The pros on the other hand are of the notion that gear is secondary; it’s the skill that matters.

The pros are right to a greater extent. But, there can be circumstances when even the pros feel that the right gear can make a difference. In this video, photographer Simon Baxter shares his story about how sometimes having better gear can help you change your perspective:

In reality, it’s not the latest and the greatest gear that you should be worried about getting. You should be more concerned about getting the right gear that adds value to your photography. Using the right gear enables you to take photos as you’ve pictured them in your mind. They also open up newer perspectives and help you in improving your photography accordingly.

Baxter talks about how his new tripod allowed him to shoot from a higher perspective and take photos he wouldn’t have been able to take otherwise. Before you invest in additional gear, it’s thus quite important that you identify what it is that’s limiting your photography. Will that minuscule bump in dynamic range really help you? Does the improved low light performance really do you any good? Do you really need silent shooting? Think about it. If the answers make sense, you might be better off going ahead and purchasing it.

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